Whiskey Flavored Syrup at Pancakes & Booze – Dallas

For the 2nd year in a row I have missed the gathering of artist, some of which the world will talk about for hundreds of years to come – Pancakes & Booze Art Show.  I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a car to start with, even though people are already having conversations various  circles about the practicality of owning a automobile, however, I digress.

why does it take dying to gain recognition – Pancakes & Booze Website

Since 2009 in over 30 cities around the world, Pancakes & Booze has been bringing together some of the most artistic, creative, intellectual beings period.  There isn’t much I can say about the 2017 stop Pancakes & Booze made in Dallas on October 21st, so I will let Kenny of Opus One Three photographs speak for themselves.  For the rest of you check out www.pancakesandbooze.com click on dates and schedule a Lyft or Uber and be in the mix of the great creators of our time.



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