10 Fringe Benefits of Dating a Nerd

Written by: Mary Browder

Weird Guy

While media ranging from 80s flicks to board games might have you believing dating a nerd is the epitome of un-cool, times are changing. Some of your friends might even mock you for having a crush on the pretty Physics major or programmer, and advise strongly against dating them. Whether you need to defend yourself from such mockery, or already dating a nerd, or are a nerd yourself trying to get on with your love life, it’s essential to be prepared with ammunition. And the preferred ammunition of nerds, as we all know, is reason. So consider the following 10 excellent benefits of dating the nerdy sort–each applies whether you’re gay, straight, or something else entirely.


  1.  You’ll never have to pay anyone to do your taxes again.
  2.  At game night, you have a ringer on your Trivial Pursuit team.
  3.  No requirements to sit through horribly uninteresting sporting events full of screaming, drunken adults with painted faces.
  4. You won’t get your butt kicked in anything other than a heated match of shout-along Jeopardy!
  5.  All the super sexy hidden talents you will discover, like that he plays an accordion, or can recite Pi   out to the 40th decimal place.
  6.  Ladies: You can expect precisely zero macho nonsense
  7.  Gentleman: If you’re lucky enough to find a nerdy girl willing to date you, reading this article is a profound mismanagement of your time. Go talk to her. Like, now.
  8.  Wardrobe concerns can be a common problem here, but I’ve never met a nerdy guy or girl who wasn’t willing to take fashion advice or even outright let you play human dress-up. And as a confirmed nerd myself, I can guarantee we clean up well. See the Fashion section for tips on this.
  9.  If for no other reasons: all the awesome movie, record, and comic collections you’ll get access to for free.
  10.  A final completely serious reason: Nerds by nature are curious and looking to share their lives and interests with people in a way that spreads joy. A nerd is the last type of person who will criticize your appearance, whine about your libido or performance in bed, or judge you for any reason–because they’ve been judged and rejected enough already. If you actually want an empathetic, sensitive and intelligent partner, you can’t make a better choice than a nerd.

So go forth, nerds and nerd-lovers everywhere, and multiply!




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