The Microfilm Messiah Completion: 100 Strangers


The “Microfilm Messiah” is back. As addressed in a previous article, Alonzo Williams has completed his 100 Strangers mission! 100 Strangers, at its original inception, was meant to capture 100 portraits of random people on the street. The path started out as a cut and dry concept. An unfortunate emptiness occurred once he started developing the photos. That void gave birth to an insatiable curiosity about the subjects. There he was, staring into the eyes of people he’d only met just once, and one sinking question remained: Who are they? He wanted the journey to deepen. He was compelled by the urge to learn more.

The project not only unveiled beauty in the human condition, but Alonzo himself, found latent qualities that were previously sleeping in his shadow. Much like a butterfly, he blossomed. He was an introverted egg, but he sought to challenge the stereotypes that were set by society. That’s what pushed him forward. The first few strangers turned him into a curious caterpillar. He inched along, picture by picture, and collected the photos and stories of arbitrary faces on the street. With the right questions, he was able to get a snapshot of the life being eternalized with his camera. Meticulously, he built an archive, and increased the numbers, whetting his curiosity. Much like a chrysalis, he took a pause to bring it all together in a stunning compilation. And now, he’s a confident, socially assured, accomplished butterfly!

Take flight with him as he unveils the culmination of his travels and encounters with people from all over the country. Of course his mother taught him well, “Don’t talk to strangers”, but he made the decision to go rogue. Share in the luxury he had of talking to strangers, and understand why he feels that strangers are simply books, waiting to be read.



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