The Grrrowlers Concert

The Growlers are finally on tour again for their latest album, City Club. A tour in which the majority of their shows are sold out. I’m not surprised considering Brooks Nielsen is at the front of this band. A musician with a raspy seductive voice, a head full of untamable curls, and the dance moves from another century. I was lucky enough to catch them on this tour as they passed through Texas to play a great show at Emo’s in Austin.

Their sound is often labeled as Beach Goth to describe their laid back but dancy tunes. Personally, I find their sound transcends genres. They pull influences from past and present. I can hear bits of Bob Dylan, The Oh Sees, and Froth. Overall their songs are extremely nostalgic for me, they strangely remind me of 60s Spanish songs I grew up especially when Brooks sings in Spanish.

However, this new record demonstrates a fresh sound built on a newly found swagger.
If their last album was a pony the newest is a racehorse, full steam ahead. This album is more daring with lyrics like, “through your mouth and out your” from their single I’ll Be Around.
Part of what makes them so great is the serenade quality which can be heard throughout their music.

The best part of seeing The Growler’s live is seeing Brooks Nielsen break loose up close. His stage presence is remarkable, not to mention his quirky dance moves done with hesitation and in slow motion. The Growlers are a perfect fit for music fanatics that are looking for new jams to satisfy more than one genre along with great vocals.

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