The creation of an artist


When do you know someone has what it takes to be successful? Most of the time we find out about an artist once they’ve made it: their masterpieces sell for millions of dollars, art galleries clamor to host their pieces, their books are best sellers and they have gone on to sign lucrative endorsement deals promoting products they love and use that’s at the core of their creative energy…

This weekend I spent two days watching an up-and-coming Dallas artist create art; culinary art.  I’m not sure how to explain what it’s like watching a true artist in their creative zone.  A production that has nothing to do with paints and brushes; rather it’s a creation that came from “do you think this cornbread mix will work with beer, Greek yogurt and could be turned into great waffles to go with the beer can chicken?” Just an excerpt from a conversation, one of many I had with the artist Kristina Nicole revolving around  food.


The Blue Guillotine :

I’ve seen some of Kristina’s art work in pictures but the depth of detail that goes into her work is hard to capture with a camera. You have to own her art work to appreciate the creative process and space one has to be in to create art.  The place of quiet inspiration that forces you to get up and create your next piece.  It doesn’t matter that no one knows your name; not at this point, perhaps not ever, you are simply happy  to have uncovered a place of recurring clamor.  The place where if you watch closely you will see her thoughts as they transfer into her current actions.


Frosted Wheat:

It’s hard to explain what I mean by seeing the bright light of someone’s creative light bulb go off in your presence. Think being at a car auction and one person is raising the paddle bidding on every car, even the ones you want, when her light goes on, get out of her way. Like when you realize there’s no milk for the cornbread recipe so why not combine avocado, Greek yogurt, half a beer, with chopped bacon… and love every bite of.

Stick Figure Ballerina :

Cooking is called culinary arts so is it really a surprise that Kristina Nicole, an artist cooks with a degree of culinary perfection?   Being in The Zone: one part knowing what lane you are in and two parts knowing how to focus the overflow of creative output based on what you are looking to express in your creative space.


Not all art begins with sunny inspiration that you can’t wait to share with the world.  Some of your brightest works of art sprout from the darkness of working through a tough place; words can’t describe, only creating art will scratch the itch.  This is an artist that you need to have on your radar; her creations will connect with you leaving you in awe and inspired.


Sitting Men Miniature:


To purchase any original art from this artist send an inquiry to : with the name of the piece you are inquiring about.

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