Strong Women

Written By Rachel Grantham



Like a thickening cloud of depression
slowly rolling over my heart
Clenching with a mighty fist.

The stillness of breath that creeps
over my lungs as my mind sinks
further into the thoughts I know
are not my own.

The negative energy enveloping
my body as I sit still trying to
wait for it to come and pass
Some days it comes like a black Cloud of smoke,
I cough it out of my lungs
As it lingers

Other days it is like a wet blanket
I hang it out to dry until the moisture and humidity dissipate
It is harder some days than others

But I am a force to be reckoned with

I no longer allow it to entangle me in its web of lies
And manipulative pain.

I have conquered more in my lifetime
than it can even come to close to touching.

My mind, body and spirit
are tuned into God and the universe

And although those dark moments try to manifest
Into my thoughts,
I continue to remember that I am FREE

And I am loved
And I will surpass every test
And I thank God for making me a strong woman

Because Strong women cry

Strong women have seen things ordinary people wouldn’t dream of going through
We have been beaten on, laughed at, mocked and abused
Our spirits drug through the mud till there’s not an ocean that could wipe our face clean

Strong women feel pain

Emotions pulsate through our veins thicker than a rabies shot in the stomach
The unhinged jaw of a snake, sinking its teeth into our skin, venom spreading like wildfire

The loss of a loved one,
the grief and mourning takes us to a deeper place of solitary delusion
telling us we don’t matter

Strong women speak

We don’t just speak what’s on our minds or hearts
but what is in our soul
Captivating the very essence of living words,
we reach into the bag of life and converse with vocal poetry
It is art at its finest that the audience can really connect with on a spiritual level

Strong women dream

We have experienced life in the darkest moments
and, like a phoenix, we rise from the ashes
and visualize the future we never realized we were destined to have

By God’s grace we have listened to our hearts
and our divine healer and cross the threshold of every open door that unlocks before us
Our aspirations and goals becoming clear as our path to life becomes renewed

Strong women captivate

Our hurts, habits and hang-ups have helped shape and mold us into the strong women we are today
When we walk into a room, our presence, like a magnificent sunrise, is felt, the warmth, calming
Our smiles bring about a peace that embraces the hearts and souls of those around us

Strong women love

To be loved by a strong woman, is to be loved by God
Our love is not something that is simply felt from the heart
It is the powerful soul connection that overflows from our spirit

To be loved by a strong woman is an outer body experience,
for there are no words that can be created to explain the magnitude
and description of how it is possible to love the way we do,
Our love anchors the soul

Strong women don’t settle

We methodically plan every course of action we take in our lives
Because we understand that living our dreams is more important than fantasizing about them
We know that those who support us will lift us higher
and continue providing us with strength and courage we already knew we had

Strong women inspire

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