Solar Apocalypse: When Day Turns To Night Survival Tips

On August 21, 2017, the United States will behold the spectacle of a full solar eclipse. During a solar eclipse, the Moon passes directly in the path of the sun. This causes the light of the sun to be blocked either partially or completely by the moon. Though this is a natural occurrence, and a very exciting event, it has some people concerned. They’re wondering if life can carry on as “normal” during a solar eclipse. I have here a short and simple list of “To-Do’s and Not To-Do’s”. Warning: Most of these tips are HIGHLY metaphysical!

Don’t look directly at the eclipse without the correct eye wear. The damage that your eyes can sustain will be painless, so you’ll be blind (pun intended) to the harm that is being done. In a worst-case scenario, you’ll completely go blind; but the extent of damage also coincides with the length of exposure. Other than that, you’ll experience some blurry vision and blind patches, and they will most likely heal on their own.

There are clusters of “power centers” in our body called “chakras”. These energy centers rule specific parts of our body, and there are seven of them. Our stomach is ruled by a chakra called the Solar Plexus. Additionally, the Solar Plexus is the chakra that is ruled by the Sun. With the sun losing some of its thunder to the Moon, one could possibly experience some compromised Solar Plexus functions. Therefore, one could anticipate some digestive issues. My advice: try to eat light as possible to be nice to your overshadowed (another pun, ha ha ha) digestive system.

Try to avoid making any pivotal decision.  Emotions are amplified and solidified during an eclipse, and your judgement could be clouded. There could also be a dormant side of your personality that awakens during this time. You could be taking a completely dramatic approach to a solution and not even realizing it. Why does this happen? We all have a part of us that “sleeps”, it’s called “the shadow”. The shadow is a culmination of the things about ourselves that we reject, hide, or try to keep under wraps. Most would say that our shadow takes refuge in the Moon. The Moon is going to be put on blast (you love the pun-ishment) by the Sun; and everything that hides in the Moon will be awakened. Ultimately, you may simply not be thinking like your “normal” self.

The eclipse is going to take the energy around us and freeze it like metaphysical ice cubes. That basically means that whatever you’re feeling is going to be bound to you for some months, and that’s predicated on when the energy decides to dissipate. Focus on positive things! Pour your energy into situations, objects, and outcomes that you want to manifest. As previously stated, our energy is going to be compacted, so you want to be stuck with some positivity around you! Set your intentions on things that you want to accomplish or obtain. This solar eclipse is also a New Moon. The New Moon is always a great time for new beginnings, as it starts the new moon cycle (hence its name “New Moon”, the reset button). Your aspirations will grow and flourish right along with the Moon cycle.

I could go on and on about different ways to take advantage of the solar eclipse, but I’ll keep it simple. Whether you’re truly vesting in the solar eclipse to change something in your life, or just simply waiting for the visual spectacle, be safe and get the most out of the experience. Conduct your own research for additional information about solar eclipses, it’s an interesting occurrence! Make it fun and use it as an opportunity to make something magical happen!

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