Realistic Romance

Written By: Amber Scott

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Valentine’s Day is approaching. The sheer idea of this overly marketed holiday is enough to send unpaired individuals over a cliff. With this tradition of forcing romance upon the unromantic, we taint this precious idea of what true love actually means. True love is not as it is depicted in the movies. My fear is that this news will come as a shock to so many uncoupled individuals who base romance off of a Nicholas Sparks’ novel.  There is no happily ever after, you don’t ride off into any sunsets, and the most disappointing fact of all is that there is no soundtrack to narrate the mute moments of your days. This image of love is decorated for our entertainment, and it is mostly unrealistic and occasionally unobtainable. We waste our time waiting for this person who will inevitably disappoint us; since we set the standards so high, we lose all sense of reality. For those of you that have already lost interest in this article, bear with me, for I do not intend disappoint. Allow me to paint a more realistic depiction of all that true love entails from my own personal prospective.


It is four in the morning and you’ve spent the last hour tossing and turning due to the atrocious noise roaring from the back of your spouse’s esophagus. It has turned the once peaceful aspirations you had for the evening into an impromptu work out session. You will use advanced yoga methods, once deemed unachievable, to balance both the pillow over your head whilst not suffocating yourself and making yourself comfortable on the allotted five inches of space on the bed in which you were so generously left. After some time has passed, the idea of suffocation is actually pleasant. You’ve already tried turning them over, waking them up, and plugging their nose. The moment the snoring actually ceases you will find yourself checking for a pulse rather than relaxing as you are now confident they are dead. In the morning, you will fight about a muffin because you will hold grudges from an argument last week and the only thing to be upset about in that instance is a delicious pastry. You will disagree over which character actually voices Optimus Prime because you so adamantly believe it could be no other than Liam Neeson. After all, he is pretty bad ass. They will never be right, and you will never be wrong. This is typically opposite of what you so stubbornly accept as truth. Their feet will stink, they will annoy you for sport, their sole goal will be to see how many times you can get angry in one day, and you will never be able to listen to your music of choice. You will find out along the way that they actually hate your favorite restaurant, and they find your favorite television shows repulsive.


The crazy concept regarding true love is that you will miss their snoring on the nights when they have to go out of town for business. You will wish you were crammed on the edge of the bed because they have decided they need every ounce of your king-sized mattress. You love fighting over a muffin because they are damn delicious, and you will learn new ways to communicate each day. You will learn to appreciate your spouse, even if it is admitting that they are right far more often than yourself. You will realize they only told you they liked your favorite restaurant because they wanted to take you out to dinner when you first met – they would take any chance to get to know you. They only stated they liked shows similar to your favorites because it would mean countless hours of time cuddled together. You will get to know each other so well that just when you think you know them like yourself, you learn something new. True love isn’t about riding off into the sunset but rather creating a solid foundation that is built over countless sunsets watched together.



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