Music Showcase: “Soggy”

Our team had a chance to sit down with a brilliant local band out of Denton Texas. Denton, well known for its music scene and artistic culture keeps its small town charm through the years in the face of huge population growth. We met up with a band named “Soggy”. It’s members consist of:

Alexi- guitar, vocals, keys
Sean- Bass
Scott- Lead guitar
Zach- Lead guitar
Roberto- Drums

In preparation for their New EP release: Passion Aggressive [NOW AVAILABLE: ] , we decided to meet up and see what these guys are all about.

The venue was a comfortable indoor/outdoor bar called Backyard on Bell, not far from the downtown square of Denton, and walking distance to Texas Womens University. We found a free picnic style table and ordered some drinks.

I was immediately struck by their cheerfulness and laid back attitude. I felt like it was that same vibe that echoes through their music. They are Soggy. Not some imitation band or sell out group. Soggy is a cool local band with their own poppy-seed punk/ indie punk tone and I could dig it.

We started the interview (conducted by myself [Brooks] and my PR director [Zane] with a basic question. The humor and laughs were immediate.

Brooks:  When did you guys decide to start playing music? How did you decide that music was the way you wanted to go?

Sean:  I started in middle school so I had something to do. I picked bass because everyone else played guitar. It was the same reason I took French, because everyone else took Spanish.

Scott: I started at 15, because in middle school we started an air band. We didn’t stop at air guitar, we had a whole air band. We made T shirts and even made like 200 dollars which was a lot for middle school. People were kind of like “what the hell, you guys aren’t a band”, and I said “no, but I will start learning the guitar!”

Zane:  How does air guitar transition over to air guitar? I imagine it’s a pretty useful skill right?

Scott: It’s easier to forget. No, but I’ve always loved pageantry so it was a natural jump.

We laughed for a bit and chatted about life over a few beers before continuing with the more important interview questions:


Brooks: are you guys all from Texas?

Scott: Everyone except me

Sean: He’s from Ohio. Alexi is Denton Born and Raised.

Brooks: How did you guys all meet?

Sean: We were the only friends we made in town. Scott and I met in orientation [at UNT]. We started jamming out in the dorms. We had a few members come and go and then Alexi joined the band. He got some songs under his belt, and when his old band kind of died, we became Soggy.

Brooks: what was it like when you had your first show?

Sean: Oh Scott what WAS our first show?

Scott: We were just talking about this, we don’t remember.

Sean: Oh wait, you weren’t even at the first soggy show.  That was when Scott was at work. It was meant to be a concert show.

Scott: I’ve heard that was Soggy’s best performance ever.

Brooks: How did you guys get the name soggy?

Scott: I have a master list of song titles. I’ll do a quick scroll here: let’s see we have “Shrill Cosby”, “Are People from Indiana Indians?” “Soggy Jeff”. And somehow we eventually just ended up with Soggy.

Sean: There’s actually a French 70’s metal band called Soggy, and when we first dropped our album onto spotify, we were placed under their name.

Scott: They still show up first.

Sean: Yeah fans of the French 70’s metal band Soggy got a weird notification.

Brooks: What goes into writing a song.

Sean: that’s a good question. Scott does all the major writing, and we learn our parts.

Scott: We just try to learn the parts, and get it all worked out. We kind of just write things down and send each other the lyrics. A lot of it we kind of work out in the studio at the time too. We just try to evoke different emotions that we’ve all had and try to accentuate them. Make them land.

Some of our exchanges were a little silly, and we really got to see the personalities of the band members.


Brooks: What’s it like being up on stage? Like in the middle of a show, what’s that feel like?

Scott:  It’s like, a good drug. I don’t know, I think we’re both pretty mild mannered. But it’s nice to have a captive audience.

Sean: Yeah, it’s good when people can’t leave. Our favorite shows are dungeons.

Scott: but we respect fire codes. You’re on stage, and you know you’re getting looks, but you can’t tell if they’re good or bad and you don’t care because you like the attention anyway.

Sean: I love attention. I just don’t know how to get it in regular life. That’s also probably part of the reason I started playing music. I was like “pay attention to me!” and figured if you’re loud then you get attention.

Brooks: So you picked Bass?

Sean: [chuckles] It carries further than others. You know you maybe can’t hear it when it’s playing off a cell phone, but my neighbors can hear mine!

Brooks: So before a show, what kind of preparation do you guys do?

Scott: it’d sound cooler if we said “oh we never prepared at all”. No we usually rehears like once a weak, sometimes before a show, usually not, we’re always working on new things. We have a new EP coming out, and we have like 5 or 6 songs on that, and mostly we just play those. And then if there are any tricky parts, we’ll work those out a bit.

Brooks: You mentioned the New EP, what can you tell us about that?

Scott: We’re recording soon,

Sean: we’re got one song finished already, god knows when the EP will come out.

Scott: It’ll come out after we record it though.


[UPDATE: The new Soggy EP “Passion Aggressive” has been released 6/15/2018. You can find it here: ]




Brooks: How often do you guys have shows?

Scott: Recently we’ve been doing a show every week, this week we have two shows.

Sean: We play every week this month, minus the week we record. We usually don’t play that often.

Scott: it comes in waves sometimes. It’ll go for a few weeks, and sometimes we’ll get requests. It can be difficult to plan shows since everyone has different schedules. It’s easier to check if you can’t do a show then to check if you can.

Brooks: What’s your favorite venue? Where do you like to play?

Sean: I really like this place: [Backyard on Bell]. It’s pretty nice.

Brooks: So, what about Denton do you enjoy? What makes it a cool town?

Sean: You should answer this Scott, since you’re leaving.

Scott: I was kind of weary of Denton, because it has that small-town style, and I’ve never lived that. It’s pretty cool though, it’s just kind of weird, that 40-50 percent of the town are in their mid-twenties, and sometimes that’s pretty cool, sometimes it’s not. But it’s the people really. Everyone is really cool and Denton is a nice place.

Brooks: Last question then: What are your plans as a band, for the future?

Sean: Well, Scott will be moving up to Alaska. But it looks like we have a replacement lined up.  We’ll probably be making a video for one of our singles. What happens after that we don’t know, The future is dark…and dangerous.


We parted ways shortly after the conclusion of the interview. It had been a great time and it was nice to learn the story of local talent. Soggy has a lot of dedicated fans and support throughout the North Texas area, and certainly in their home town of Denton, Texas.  Check out their latest EP release TODAY!

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