How To Reset Your 2017


I don’t know about you, but leaving 2016 in my rearview mirror was a welcomed feeling. In my mind the drain of last year’s stress and strain was supposed to end with the anticipation of the New Year. Unfortunately, the catch phrase “New Year, New You” hasn’t quite delivered yet. It’s as if the “reset” button for busyness, chaos, disappointment, illness and loss wasn’t pushed.

If your New Year has begun with more stress than anticipated you are not alone. The question, “what choice do we have but to keep moving forward?” comes to mind. The problem with that is energy. For many of us, barely getting through the ups and downs of 2016 has made starting 2017 with a lot less energy. There has to be a way of getting ourselves out of the practice of living life in “survival” mode. There has to a way of making our lives in 2017 work for us.   

We are responsible for guiding our life in spite of the fact that we cannot control everything that happens. Consider putting your energy into what you actually CAN control. Choose three words that best fit what YOU want for this year. Choose three words that you will commit to and focus your energy on all throughout the rest of this year.

For example, the three words I have chosen for 2017 are peace, health, and connection. The evidence of my efforts for creating peace occurred when I put effort into incorporating more down time into my schedule, when I slowed the pace of my life to match the energy I had at that moment. I also put effort into reducing clutter and noise. To create connection in my life, I traveled with a friend for the weekend; something I had not done in a long time. I also spent a weekend attending a youth retreat with my daughter. I said “yes” to baby shower invites and dinner invitations. To work on my health, I put time and effort into meal planning.

I may not be able to control the circumstances that occur in 2017, but I can choose to put effort into what makes the outcome of MY year feel successful for me. We are not powerless even when challenges we face lead us to feel powerless. Regardless of the setbacks and added stress from unplanned busyness, financial setbacks, and loss, we can all choose to put effort into making the year successful. Knowing that even though we cannot control what life brings our way, the end result of 2017, will have been positively impacted by our efforts to focus on what is important to us.

Will you join me in choosing YOUR three words for 2017? Will you choose to accept what you DO have control over by putting effort into making what you want most in your life a reality?

Let us hear from you as we would love to know how you are transforming your life.

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