Fashion For The Field

By: Abbygale Gelvin


The fall season is upon us, and for many people, this may mean changing leaves, pumpkin flavors, and football. Now, you may be thinking that football games are for oversized jerseys and foam fingers; however, fall 2016 fashion trends can be incorporated into any outfit and any occasion. Scarves, boots, and stylish outerwear don’t have to be saved for a night out any longer.

Now, depending on where you are living and what type of games you attend, fall weather may be different for us all. Layering will be the ultimate fashion guide for any game goer. Whether you choose to style your team t-shirt under a camo jacket, a chunky knit cardigan, or a team colored flannel, layers will not only allow you to shed clothing if you get warm, but add style and personality to any outfit. Adding a hat may allow you to increase your fashion profile while hiding that “second day hair.” Hats are a stylish but functional layer piece for any female that could range from a ball cap that reps your team logo, a wool fedora, or a simple knit beanie.

Scarves are a standard cool season staple. If you’re choosing a scarf to pair with your favorite team, mix and match patterns that complement your team’s logo and colors. Now, not all outdoor football games may be appropriate for scarves due to temperature; however, layering patterns, colors, and styles will help dress up any football game outfit.

Football games can be a casual day or night event, so wearing sky-high heels may make you stand out in a “wow, what was she thinking?” type of way. Try pairing your favorite football outfit with a stylish pair of boots instead. Boots come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. If you are a female who wants to wear heals, try some short healed ankle booties. If you’re looking to make a statement with your boots, try a boot that goes over the knee. Boots truly can upgrade an outfit and customize any look without looking out of place at a sporting event.

Oversized jerseys and foam fingers aside, fall fashion staples can be incorporated into any outfit on game day. Layers, scarves, and boots may increase your fashion profile while you still represent your favorite team.


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