Everyone’s doing it…10 “crazy” things we all share

We’ve all wondered about it. There have been many a talk show episode dedicated to it. And now here’s an article about it: are you crazy? Are the things you say and do (for lack of a better word) normal? Well, if we’re talking about rockin out to your iPod so hard you’re belting out Let it Go…to the chagrin of anyone within ear shot…let’s just say it happens more than you think. On the other hand, if you’re randomly touching things hoping they’ll freeze while rockin out to Let it Go…you might be in a class by yourself. Either way, there are things we all do, thinking we’re the only ones. Well, we’re not. At some point, most of us experience:

1. That conversation you have entirely in your head: No, we’re not talking about those times when you get caught talking yourself (we’ll talk about that later). We’re talking about clear, concise, relevant conversations with another person…that happen when that other person is nowhere around. It’s like a practice conversation; except when you actually end up having that conversation with the person for real, it never goes the way it did in your head, does it?

2. Speaking of talking to yourself: It’s all fun and games till someone walks in and finds you in a full blown argument with absolutely no one. Yeah, that happens. Roll with it.

3. Googling things that interest you the nanosecond you hear about them: And I mean immediately. Like, before the conversation is over, you’re whipping out your phone. Seriously, cats only meow at humans?? Tap, tap, tap – OMG, totally true!

4. Dressing in costume: And not just on Halloween. You wake up in the morning in a better mood than usual and feel like adding a little something extra to your outfit. Black sweater + red pants = Mickey Mouse. Feel the overwhelming urge to express your allegiance to Gryffindoor? There are red and yellow hats and scarves in practically every department store (also, you can buy a time turner online!). You could even get away with wearing a cape in this freezing weather (I may own one or two…).

5. That in-depth conversation you had last night…with your cat: Yes, you talk to your animals. Hell, sometimes you even ask their advice. What of it? More often than not, they make better conversationalist than people and you know it.

6. Petty larceny: No, I’m not talking about swiping $100 from the till at work (if this is something you’re into, perhaps you should seek help) I’m talking about that roll of toilet paper that finds its way into your bag because you’re apartment’s out and the $8 in your wallet has to last you till payday.

7. Rituals: Do you talk to stuffed animals? At 30? How about sleeping with a special blanket? Or, perhaps you wear a certain hat during the Yankees game, cause, you know, that totally helps them win. Maybe it does. Maybe those stuffed animals are hanging on your every word. We all have things we do to get through life, and if someone tells you yours are dumb, ignore them. Heaven knows what they’ve got going on.

8. Those snap judgements: You tend to make. Oh, you don’t judge people? Really? So thinking things like ‘this guy is a moron’ when you watch someone change lanes without signaling or shouting seriously?! They’re married?! as a reaction to someone from high school’s status update, are, what, observations?

9. Party Hard: And by “party” I mean wine and the ID channel. There is no better moment in life when you cancel plans, order pizza, pop a bottle of wine, and settle in for a Homicide Hunter marathon. When Kenda says “my, my, my” for the first time that night, you know you’ve reached your happy place.

10. Instagram-Expert-Titus: That interesting phenomenon in which you see something on Social Media and become convinced that you can do the same thing just as well. Better, probably. Usually with questionable results. That unfortunate fishtail incident? Happens to the best of us.


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