Every Inch Of You Is Perfect


Have you seen that show My Big, Fat, Fabulous Life on TLC? If you haven’t, don’t. Unless of course, you’re a masochist who enjoys the hysterical ramblings of an ill-adjusted 12 year old. The premise of the show was supposed to be about an overweight woman dancing her way to health and providing an uplifting, positive image while she was at it. But, as it turns out Whiny Whitney couldn’t hack it when it came to weight loss (she’s actually gained weight since the show started) and instead became the face of the National Pity Party.

I bring this up not because I have an issue with her (or anyone’s) weight, but because she seems to have a problem with mine. And, by”mine”, I mean every woman who weighs less than 250 pounds.

For example, my sister weighs somewhere in the vicinity of 100 pounds, and as a result, is a size 2. She does not have an eating disorder, nor is she a “gym freak.” She’s a big fan of snacks. But if Whitney saw her, she’d call her out and make some kind of mockery of her, simply because of her weight.

Um, did I miss something? When did body shaming become acceptable as long as it’s a thin or moderate person? If we are truly against body shaming, the same rules need to apply to all:

1. Every Weight is an Acceptable Weight: 5’8 and 105 pounds? Cool! 5’1 and 195 pounds? If you’re happy, I’m happy. Your weight is nobody’s business but yours.

2. Where Did You Go to Medical School?: Unless you are a board certified physician, don’t pretend to know whether or not someone is healthy. Not all size 0’s are anorexic, not all overweight people will develop heart disease. Get over it people.

3. Body Shaming is Still Wrong Even if You are Talking about Thin People: Fat people can talk about skinny people all day long, and call them all sorts of names – skinny bitch, bulimic, bet they can hula hoop with a cheerio, but skinny people can’t talk about fat people cause it’s mean! Um,no. Just because my “fluffiness” differs from yours doesn’t mean it’s okay to make fun of me.

4. How about “My Teeny, Tiny/Few Extra Pounds but Still Perfectly Normal Life?” How come thin and average sized people don’t get a show where they stress out about why we can’t stop eating Buffalo Wings? Where’s that show TLC?

5. Making Fun of Those Whose Body is Different from Yours Doesn’t Make You Witty: and if it helps you “fit in” it’s not because you’re clever, it’s because you hang out with morons. However, we are not doing justice to heavy people by telling them they’re healthy, nor are we doing dangerously thin people any favors by making that the desired aesthetic. The goal should be to help people when they need it and celebrate those who don’t. And word to the wise, if you don’t know the difference – shut up.

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