Early Fall Denial

By: Michelle High

It’s that time of year again – the time of year when no one really knows what time of year it is. Especially in Texas, it is still way too hot to be considered fall, but it doesn’t really feel like summer either. If you are a resister of the cooler months, you resent when pumpkin spiced everything starts being marketed too early, or when the girls bring out their riding boots when the weather is just shy of being appropriate – this is for you. If you identify with the ‘Early Fall Deniers’ and want to soak up those few last lingering rays of sunshine, read on!

I have always been a fan of the late summer/early fall beach trip. It feels like a last chance to soak up that vitamin D before we are bundled up for a good chunk of the year. There is a subtle but important difference when you make a beach trip in September or October; you start to feel that cool breeze coming off of the water, and you need to dress a little differently than you would in the dead of summer. Think less spring break in Florida and more a weekend in The Hamptons.

Even if you don’t live near a beach, I encourage you to find a pool, lake, or river to revel in your last remaining days of the warmer weather before it is gone! Here are my top outfit ideas for “beach wear” in the early fall months.


  • Bell Sleeved Dress

The 70s trend popped up this summer and looks like it is going to continue into fall. This bell sleeve feels 70s, but the shift fit keeps it modern. You’ll see plenty of options for this style in stores this season; here are some options to get you started. This dress can work as a cover-up at the beach and easily go to dinner that same night.


  • Light Weight Hoodie (guys)

I would encourage guys to ditch the tank tops once August has come to an end. Instead of going with a t-shirt at the beach, try going with a light weight hoodie. You can put it with jeans or sweats during the day, or pair it with your swim suit for a day at the beach.


  • Shorts and a fine knit sweater 

You probably already have your denim shorts from your adventures this summer, but in the early fall, I like to transition into seasons by pairing my summer shorts with an open-knit sweater. These are cozy and don’t look sloppy. Again, you could use this outfit as a cover up for your swimsuit or out for a day of shopping.

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