David Craig Ellis

Coming soon, a Four Part Series on the Arts Featuring a different Artist every quarter! Here’s a Sneak Peek at the first one:

 When it comes to risk taking, David Craig Ellis, (note the distinction,#nottheserialkiller), David is a born hustler. Embracing a “Macgyver-esq” lifestyle, David has survived studio floods, apartment fires, car accidents, depression, an eating disorder, audits, bankruptcy, a NY winter without heat, and eviction….and that was just last year.

After all this shit shoveling, you’d think David’s art work would present as a Wes Craven film but it’s more like a Disney movie. If Disney movies were twisted, odd, and a little bit creepy.


For the full article: https://deepnerdmagazine.com/david-craig-ellis-nottheserialkiller/

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