David Craig Ellis



Written By Mar-li Pitcher

I admire an artist who takes a risk, whether it works or not. Examples: Pink, Get the party started? Umm, not so much (Sorry Alicia, we like you best when you’re giving a voice to our shared angst). Mariah Carry in Glit…okay that’s not fair, at least it was better than her New Year’s Eve performance?

On the other hand, Adam Sandler as Charlie Fineman in Reign Over Me? Nothing short of awe inspiring. Which brings me to David Craig Ellis.

Coming at you live from Windsor, Canada (where???) David Ellis shares his name with a serial killer and only gets more interesting from there.

When it comes to risk taking, David Craig Ellis, (note the distinction,#nottheserialkiller), David is a born hustler. Embracing a “Macgyver-esq” lifestyle, David has survived studio floods, apartment fires, car accidents, depression, an eating disorder, audits, bankruptcy, a NY winter without heat, and eviction….and that was just last year.

After all this shit shoveling, you’d think David’s art work would present as a Wes Craven film but it’s more like a Disney movie. If Disney movies were twisted, odd, and a little bit creepy.

Introducing….Please Fuck Me. No, this is not a request (not from me anyway), it’s the latest production from the beautiful mind of David Craig Ellis and it is…an experience to say the least.

Imagine, if you will your favorite characters, bands, movies, ect….with a direct sexual solicitation; C3PO and R2 D2 seeking sexual gratification. Like Diet Coke? Then you’ll love the newest flavor! (see Deep Nerd’s Tumblr). Remember Porkchop? Beloved dog of Doug (Nickelodeon). Well, kiss your innocent childhood memories goodbye!

Furthering the “through the looking glass” vibe is the gallery in which it is hosted; incognito hipsters at the door offering decidedly off-trend cans of bud light, (no wine but as the Girl Scout motto is “be prepared” I pull a can of Pinto Grigio from my Frozen bag (Judge me if you want, Elsa is the shit) and wander over to the coat/supply room where people are getting high, dancing to Tears For Fears, and discussing how awesome art careers are.

By the time the wine finally arrives (after me and my newfound peeps are four cans deep into my Disney Pinot awesomeness) we are in Neo-pop expressionism heaven, courtesy of David’s continued courage, strength, and humor.

David Craig Ellis; Canadian import, New York original.



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