Corey on the Education System

By Corey Canaza

What is wrong with the modern educational system? While I will not address technical flaws in the system, I will address a few common sense points on what is wrong with our educational system and how to fix it.


The first major flaw that I see in the educational system is that it is based on the memorization of useless facts that you will never use in real life, and students are then tested on how well they memorized these facts and figures. For example, let’s say in history class, you need to memorize the names and dates of certain political figures and events so that you can answer the questions of a test correctly. Are you ever going to use such information once you graduate from high school? 99% of people never will.


Such a system doesn’t help a student develop the skills to think on his own and instead all it does is to encourage blind group-think. Basically the modern educational system does not actually educate us. It indoctrinates us and programs us to become a good slave to society. I remember a few months ago, I saw a picture that compared a prison system and a school system and both had many points of similarity. In both systems you are stripped of your freedom, forced to conform and punished for non-conformity, and have to follow a set of rules unquestioningly. Therefore it really isn’t an exaggeration to suggest that schools are basically glorified prisons that are programming humans from a young age to be a good slave to society and to never question or think for themselves.


I think a much better alternative would be to make the educational system based on developing real world skills, somewhat akin to trade schools in a sense. There could be common skill classes that everyone would be required to take, like how to handle your finances, social skills, physical training and exercise, and home skills like repair, cooking, etc.


The above are all useful subjects that you will use in the real world after you leave school, whereas things like Math, Science, History, etc, are all subjects that the vast majority will never use in the real world. As for how to train kids towards a specific skill set? Well I believe that children will show some tendency towards some skill or job that they are naturally talented at. For example, I was writing, designing, printing, and distributing my own newspaper back in the 4th grade. At the same time, to avoid any kind of criticism that such a system would be akin to communism where you are forced to take a particular kind of job, it’s important that as teenagers they are given a chance to choose which particular field they would like to study in.


My overall proposal would be then to have general life skills being taught from ages 8 to 14 and then at the end of their 14th year, they are given a wide variety of options for particularized fields to study. After they choose they are then paired off with a mentor in that specific field along with classes in that field. I believe such a system is already in place in certain European countries. This specific education training should last between 2 to 4 years depending on the subject. A doctor or lawyer would obviously need more training than a carpenter or plumber, for example. But there definitely needs to be an emphasis on training or education for a real world job. Hopefully this would lower the number of students who are getting a degree in sociology or psychology or liberal arts and to just end up working at Starbucks.


The present educational system is built like a capitalistic pyramid. High school teachers, parents, and society itself brainwash teenagers that you must go to college or else you will end up a total loser in life. As a result many students go to college simply for the sake of going to college and major in totally useless degrees, wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of their lives. A capitalistic pyramid requires constantly new sources of debt in order to keep the pyramid from crashing down. And so teenagers are brainwashed to go to college even though a lot of them don’t really need to, thus keeping hundreds of millions of dollars of student loan debt flowing to the top of the educational pyramid.


Another aspect of our present day universities which must change is the liberal indoctrination. I think it’s safe to say that modern day universities are bastions of Leftist doctrines and they are protected from being challenged by an atmosphere of political correctness. A true educational system would allow all thoughts and ideas to be expressed and yet this is definitely not the situation with the present cultural atmosphere found on most universities. Intelligent, rational, and philosophical interpretations of conservative ideologies are generally not entertained and are openly ridiculed. There is definitely not an atmosphere of freedom of speech on most university campuses. Freedom of speech means everyone has the right to express their ideas, not just Leftists or liberals.


It gets back to the basic idea of this article- we need our educational system to be geared towards developing real world skills and training. The educational system from the first year to the last year of college needs to be geared towards developing a person’s ability to think for themselves, to think critically, and to be able to challenge ideas. That is how a progressive and free society can continue making progress and evolving. Along with this there must be a general change of attitude in society towards college, and people need to stop stigmatizing other forms of education like trade schools or mentorships.
If the above steps and ideas are implemented I believe it would reverse the massive damage the present educational system has done to our economy and society itself.


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