Be Free And Feel the Music

Written By: April Ibarra


Spring is here with all its glory: flowers are blooming, new relationships are forming, and it’s the time for music festivals. My absolute favorite music time of the year. If you’re anything like me, music is your life and watching live music is a very spiritual experience. It is an amazing time of the year and a great time to discover new bands.

Music fests are everywhere whether you go to California’s Coachella or right here in our very own back yard Grand Prarie’s So What Festival. You can see a diamond in the rough or someone you’ve heard of on the radio. Depending on the festival you go to, the music can range from pop to rock to country. I love walking into a festival, which normally has more than 1 stage with band after band playing on each stage. Last year I was super lucky to be able to attend the So What Festival. It was raining and cold but that didn’t stop one person. The crowd was colossal I could see waves of people just dancing to the beat of the music it was quite a transcendent feeling. We jumped in the mud and sang in the rain!

The ambiance was amazing. I went to watch specific bands and had my schedule of which stage I needed to be at and when. Normally my schedule has holes in it waiting for my next act to take stage and it’s a perfect time to catch a band I had never heard of, get something to eat with the vast amount of food vendors, or browse the band merchandise area. You can to sit with the bands, get autographs, and buy them a drink. It’s a great feeling to be able to sit with the bands and talk about their world travels. These guys love their fans and love to share their music. I normally go alone to be able to fully be in the moment and listen to the music I love so much without interruption. I feel as free as a bird and it touches my soul. I stood there in the rain and mud with all the other music lovers, we danced and sang along to the chorus of some great songs. I was pushed and kicked and I pushed back at the mosh pit. I was bruised black and blue but the experience was one to never forget. The bands got the crowd involved and even dared the moshers to go harder.

The singers crowd surfed and threw their arm bands or picks into the crowd who begged for encores! As the festival comes to an end with the best known bands playing last, the moon shines bright in the sky, the rain falls cold and hard, the last song plays soft and slow, we take out our phones and shine the light as one waving from side to side, we sing as the singer points his microphone at the crowd, and that is when my soul soars free into the sky. I know I probably won’t see these people ever again but together we have experienced life and we were free even for just a moment in time.

Whether you go to South by Southwest in Austin or Lalapalooza in New York, the point to all this is to bring people together with the love of music. Let go of the bad stuff you hear or see in the media and social networks and feel the music and be free!



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