A Sparkling Event

I love celebrations! The planning! The theme! (in this family, parties have themes). The Décor! The outfit! (time to hit Pintrest, eBay, Amazon, and the mall for the perfect one) The food! Ah!!!! The details! The details make the party. No, wait, that’s the alcohol. Beer, shots, mixers. Martinis, toddies, smooth White Russians. And wine! Cheerful, versatile, and plentiful (if you’re at a party worth being at), wine is the backdrop of any affair.

And if wine is the backdrop, it’s Prosecco that takes center stage. In shades of shimmering yellow, it seems to emit a light all its own. The bottle and label are like designer clothes coming down a Hollywood runway, especially if that label is Altaneve.

Altaneve, with its sleek lines and clean, crisp, simple but effective packaging, you almost don’t want to disturb the bottle by opening it. But, of course, you do open it, and you are rewarded by a symphony of flavors and feelings.

Yes, feelings. That first sip makes you feel drunk. Not falling down, sloppy, doing something you’ll regret drunk, but happy, giddy, the world is a wonderful place, drunk. Drunk on atmosphere. Drunk on life. By the time you finish your first glass, you’re a socialite, flitting around the room, gliding on the bubbles of the Prosecco. By the time you finish your second glass, well, let’s just say the best time to discuss your Aunt Gertrude’s collection of celebrity drinking straws is after you’ve had a couple of glasses of ‘The best Prosecco in the World’.

Did I forget to mention that? Altaneve has been rated the best Prosecco IN.THE.WORLD time and time again. The best, and don’t you deserve the best? Of course you do! And how good does it feel when your guests, glasses full of Altaneve Prosecco or Altaneve Rose Prosecco, take a taste and give you that look, that look that says “damn, you got this huh?” And you do. You do.

Tis the season for glitz and glamor. Tis the season for bubbles and bling. Tis the season for parties that will be talked about throughout the following year, parties that will give you a reputation to uphold. Parties that will blow Ms. High and Mighty (there’s one on every block) out of the water. Tis the season when money is instantly converted to memories, where time is magically transformed into experiences, where good friends make you forget difficult moments and good wine makes you forget the difficulty in everything else. It’s a time for fun, laughter, and quality Prosecco.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, my glass is empty…

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