A Penny For Your Thoughts

Have you ever saw something so cool on the internet that you wished you could ask a few questions of the person who created that thing that capture your attention and held it hostage with awe?  When I first saw Bre’s art I had a few questions that I wanted to ask her so I reached out to her and this is what we discussed.

What were you doing right before you picked up a penny and thought to yourself, I wonder if I can paint on this before you actually did it

I was getting ready or an art show across country and wanted to paint something new to displaybut I lacked the time or the space to do so.  My only choice was to go small for my next painting. I prefer a harder surface to work on, either wood or copper and whileI was sitting in my studio, I glanced over at my coin jar.   I chose a penny and started my painting, I instantly fell in love. 

When did you first discover you had the ability to you paint, how old were you, and who encouraged you

I can’t say the exact moment I knew I could paint.  But I did know from a young age that painting was my passion and I would do anything I could to master it. My family has always been supportive for my love of art. I’m a self taught artist but they always lended a helping hand when I was in need of a bit of encouragement. A painting should not be valued by it’s size or the supplies used to create the piece rather than the quality of the artists abilities

What other unusual canvases do you use to create on

Coins are my favorite by far but I always keep a lookout for unique objects to paint on. I’ve recently painted a commission on the inside of an Altoids mints tin and I’ve taken a liking to painting on antique book covers.

On average how long does it take you to complete a piece 

Each painting can take anywhere from 8 to 15 hours to complete but it is broken up between a few days to allow drying time for each layer. I will always paint multiple coins at once so I can work around the waiting times.

How long did it take you to find the tools / supplies you use to paint the intricate details found in your art

I’m still searching for the supplies that can benefit my tiny paintings, I’m always on the hunt for smaller brushes that can handle oil paints.  

My supplies can be a bit harsh on the delicate bristles. Thanks to my dental hygienist mother, I just recently acquired glasses with magnified loops attached which help immensely with my posture.

Do you have any favorite artist, if so who are they

My favorite arts change daily depending on my mood. But today I would have to say Roberto Ferri. When I look at his paintings I get butterflies in my stomach.

Who are you as a person or what would you like for people to know about you either from your art or as Bryanna Marie

A painting should not be valued by it’s size or the supplies used to create the piece rather than the quality of the artists abilities.



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